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Supply chain management


Warehouse Workers

Live - Online - One-to-One Training & Mentoring

Warehouse Management Training

Language of Instruction : Turkish

Education Information

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4 hours live online one-on-one training

2 hours of live online one-on-one mentoring

Case Studies

Mentor feedback + Q&A Sessions

Training activity tracking with mentor

Education sertificate

What Will You Learn?

✓ Detailed information about Warehouse Management and main processes
✓ Duties and responsibilities of warehouse employees
✓ Warehouse management systems new trends and developments
✓ Selection and use of warehouse tools
✓ Technical inventory items, inventory costs, lead time, economic order quantity
✓ Min-Max and ABC inventory level calculation and methods
✓ Cyclic Count
✓ Warehouse Efficiency Improvement
✓ Warehouse Employee Management
✓ Digitalization and Industry 4.0 for Warehouse Management

Your mentor...

It helps you to overcome the obstacles you encounter while applying the knowledge gained from the training.

​ ​

It follows your actions together with online tools.

​ ​

It gives suggestions and gives direct feedback on your progress and progress.

​ ​

It shares its knowledge and supports your development with all its might.

​ ​

He does his best for your success.

​ ​

Educational content

This training covers the following key concepts:

  1. Supply Chain Fundamentals

  2. Warehouse Management Basics

  3. Warehouse Management Tools (IT, Ramping, Warehousing, Docking, Forklifts, Manpower)

  4. Warehouse Constraints and Capacity Planning

  5. Inventory Count and Accuracy

  6. Goods Acceptance and Registration

  7. Inventory calculation

  8. Cyclic Count

  9. Warehouse Management Process Improvement

  10. People and Performance Management

  11. Digitalization and Industry 4.0

Important Details

  1. Our training and mentoring sessions are online one-on-one and live.

  2. We contact you to date your training within two working days after your purchase.

  3. Each mentoring session is a minimum of 30 minutes.

  4. Training must be completed within one month of purchase. Mentoring sessions must be completed within 3 months of the training.

  5. This service is not a downloadable saved product.

We recommend

  • Senior Management - Level C

  • Middle Level Management

  • Experts

  • supervisors


  • Digital Services

  • Energy

  • Financial Services

  • Medicine

  • Advanced Electronics

  • Build

  • Public

  • Chemicals

  • Metal and Mineral


  • Automotive

  • Oil and Gas

  • Health

  • Defense and Aerospace

  • Travel and Transportation

  • Telecommunications and Media

  • Mutual Fund

  • Management Consulting

  • Other

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